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Led by Christopher Hoover, Saturday morning Lenten bible study continues at 8:30am each week over Zoom, using the book Faith on the Move (ed. by Julie McGonagal) as its resource during this season.

The meeting is open at 8am for social time. Questions? Email Christopher:

Joining link:

Overview: “Our spiritual practices carry us through the times of transition in our lives, when we wander in a metaphorical desert. For migrants, refugees, immigrants, and others, the journey is more than a metaphor. In this Lenten devotional, daily reflections by diverse contributors invite us to reflect on and embody God’s welcome and love for people who are on the move for a variety of reasons” Julie McGonegal, Forward, page v11

Weekly Themes:

Week One: Preparing for the Journey
Week Two: Our Guides on the Way
Week Three: Bread for the Journey
Week Four: Searching for the Path
Week Five: Welcoming our Fellow Pilgrims
Week Six: Charting a New Path Together
Week Seven: Holy Week

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Paperback or E-book available