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We hope you'll join us after worship this Sunday for the first edition of après Church, a chance to check-in as a community, and explore a different discussion topic every week. You'll find the Zoom joining link on the event page, and also in the chat windows during service.

Manifesting a comically large amount of wine for already tipsy partygoers seems like a curious way for Jesus to start his public ministry. And yet, according to John's gospel, that's exactly what he does. In this week's sermon, "The Party Table," Rev. Meyers delves into what Jesus' first miracle teaches us about God and God's dream for God's people (hint: it includes a boatload of joy).

The cornerstone of our week, worship at 11am is offered under the leadership of The Rev. Jason Francis Meyers, Dr. Patricia Wright, The Rev. Mark Aitchison, and lead singers of the Metropolitan Choir.

We are temporarily closed for in-person worship. Information on registration and health protocols, including providing proof of vaccination for attending worship upon re-opening, can be found here.

The service is livestreamed at at 10:45am, and on Facebook & YouTube. You may need to refresh your page if you arrive early.

Past services can be found on the Sermons & Livestreams page.


Photo: Wedding Feast by John August Swanson