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Malcolm preaching

JJ1Welcome to the Metropolitan United Church in downtown Toronto. We’re a 195-year-old congregation who work and worship in a very large church at Queen and Church Streets. Though we may seem quite formal with our neo-Gothic building and our elaborate Sunday service, Metropolitan is quite casual in its attitudes and very welcoming to the diverse communities that make up Toronto.

We are fortunate to have three ministers to serve our congregation: Dr. Malcolm Sinclair, one of the most insightful and electrifying preachers in Canada; Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea, often called the “heart” of Metropolitan; and Dr. Patricia Wright, our Minister of Music and leader of Metropolitan’s many musical groups. Video messages and blogs from Malcolm and John Joseph can be seen by clicking below. For more information on our music and social service programs, simply click on the words in this sentence. But to really understand our congregation, come to a Sunday service and join us as we sing, ponder, laugh and worship together.

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