Metropolitan United Church is part of a large network of organizations in downtown Toronto that provide food, housing, counselling and support to those in need. This site provides information about the organizations that help support our weekday visitors.

We also have a long history of innovation in reaching out to the community, from the founding of the Fred Victor Centre for homeless people, to the creation of Sojourn House, a temporary residence for refugees.

What can I do to help someone during the winter months?

If you see someone living on the street who needs shelter, a meal, clothing, medical care of any other resources, you can call the Street Helpline 1-866-392-3777. This is a free call from any pay phone, and the service operates 24 hours a day from November 15 to April 15.

Here are other community resources:

211 This is a free telephone directory service (like 411), which provides information about social services (such as hostel beds and meals) offered in the City of Toronto. The lines are answered 24 hours a day. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This set of links contains information about the United Church of Canada including the Observer

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