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The Rev. Dr. George Malcolm Sinclair was called to the pulpit of the Metropolitan Church in 1988. In 1998 the congregation invited him to serve further in an Intentional Long-Term Ministry. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Laurentian University, a Master of Divinity degree from Emmanuel College, Toronto. In 1986 he received the Doctor of Ministry degree from Drew University in the United States, and in 1997 was awarded the Doctor of Divinity degree (honoris causa) from Emmanuel College.

Dr. Sinclair has served four Toronto congregations over forty years, and is widely invited to preach across Canada and beyond. He has been a theme speaker at home and in the United States, and has lectured on “Imagination in Preaching” at the Toronto School of Theology. In recent years Dr. Sinclair has been a contributor to “Feasting on the Word”, a multi-volume lectionary resource for preachers, published by Westminster John Knox Press in Nashville.

He is a Past-President of the St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto, a member of the Royal Canadian College of Organists, Clan Sinclair of Canada, and is Padre to the 78th Fraser Highlanders, York Garrison.

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Four Friday nights,  March 5th , 12th , 19th and 26th at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary.

“CHRISTIAN MILITANCY IN AN AGE OF DECLINE”.     Is there something so vital in Christianity that its loss would diminish all people?  It is time to fight for it?


March 5th

The Rev. Dr. Malcolm Sinclair

Metropolitan United Church

March 12th

The Rev. Dr. Peter Holmes

Yorkminster Park Baptist Church

March 19th

The Rev. William Ingram

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

March 26th

The Very Rev. Dr. Douglas Stoute

The Dean of St. James’ Cathedral

"Sacred C.S.I". is a series of sermons based on the Biblical texts for Lent and Easter.

To approach their themes of "crime scene", "careful investigation", "witness testimony", "confrontation" and "the quest for restoration" is do justice to the great myth, "The Battle of the Messiah to Redeem the World". It also allows us to follow our curiosity and desire for justice, using our imagination. The stories told and the issues raised herein are vital. They concern us, the quality of our lives and our ultimate destiny.

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