Money talk is not what we are mostly about at Metropolitan.  However, we carefully attend to our financial affairs to assure donors their contributions are well managed daily, that these gifts are carefully spent according to donors' wishes, and that all endowment money received is prudently invested in appropriate ways. Our congregation’s investment policy can be found here. Metropolitan’s finances are audited annually, and monitored throughout the year in accordance with a budget approved by the congregation at our Annual General Meeting. The reports are available on a menu item if your are logged in or are available on request through the church office.

We provide detailed and transparent financial reporting to our membership on a monthly basis through our Committee of Stewards, to our Trustees, to the Official Board, and on this web-site (in a sub-menu item, for registered users). Program Committee Chairs may request detailed reports for all specific program revenues and expenses here.

Our Trustees oversee our long-term investments and property assets, and with the assistance of a Property Supervisor and a dedicated staff team our Property Committee attends to our heritage building's operation and upkeep.

Our donors financially support Metropolitan in various ways.  For example:

  • Pre-authorized Remittance (PAR) where donors give monthly through automatic bank withdrawal
  • Credit card
  • Weekly offering envelopes
  • Post dated cheques
  • Gifts of securities that are easy to arrange and could provide you with significant tax savings
  • On line where gifts may be made for various named purposes by using the Donate Now button above

We also invite you to consider a bequest or other type of legacy (planned) gift to Metropolitan here.  You may direct your gift of any amount to any area of our congregation's ministry.

There is a way to give that is right for you.  Please contact our church office at (416) 363-0331, ext. 29 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would be pleased to help you.  Thank you for your interest in Metropolitan Church and thank you for your support.  

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