FamilyPrayingHandsAs part of the United Church of Canada, we believe we strengthen one another to work, through God's grace, for a better world. To this end, we cooperate with other churches, faith traditions, and people of goodwill to eliminate poverty and protect those who are most vulnerable.

Metropolitan United Church has a long history of involvement in social and ecological causes. This part of our site provides an overview of some of the areas in which we are currently working. We also provide links to some interesting websites and blogs in which we hope you'll find some provocative, diverse and challenging points of view.

As part of the United Church of Canada, we are committed to advocacy and education in the following areas:

More information can be found at the United Church of Canada website.

We also belong to Kairos, a Canadian association that unites churches and religious organizations of all denominations to deliberate on issues of common concern, advocate for social change and join with people of faith and goodwill in action for social transformation. For more information, visit the Kairos website.

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