Visioning Documents

oshawa front doors smallerSince November 2012, Metropolitan has been involved in a visioning process to help develop plans for our church that will carry us into our two hundredth birthday in 2018 and beyond.

We have a number of purposes for this:

  • To strengthen the witness, faith in action and the congregational life of our church
  • To prepare for transitions in key leadership positions
  • To strengthen our financial resource base and ensure future sustainability
  • To strengthen and diversify our membership and ensure that their broad range of needs is being well served
  • To incorporate the building development project in ways that strategically support and sustain the ongoing work and the future of Metropolitan United
  • To explore how MET is viewed in the wider community
  • To propose a set of priorities to guide future planning and decisions

The data collection process began in November 2012 with focus-group consultations involving the Metropolitan United congregation. In May/June 2013, board members interviewed 37 key informant groups in the community to find out what image these outside groups had of our church. This year, we've collected ideas from parents and young children, new members and adherents and those who value MET as an affirming congregation. Using all this, the nine Board committees and senior staff were asked to make recommendations to guide MET's future. These will be brought to the congregation at the AGM on March 2, 2014.

As planning proceeds, we hope to use this web presence to stay in touch with the congregation and to make key documents available for reading and discussion.

 Visioning Workshop Summary Results  2012 - Please login to see this document.

Key Informant Report October 2013 

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