Mission and Service

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Healing.  Support.  Emergency relief.  Partnership. Renewal.  A helping hand.  Illness treated.  Hunger alleviated.  Lives saved.  Hope provided.  Lives transformed.  Such is the impact of our gifts for Mission and Service — the outreach and mission programs supported by the wider United Church both in Canada and around the world.   Mission and Service is our faith in action.

Together with other United Churches across Canada, our gifts for M&S enable:

  • Water wells to be dug and sustained in Nicaragua
  • Isolated groups of Christians in Canada’s far north to worship with a larger congregation hundreds of miles away through teleconferencing
  • Food, clothing and shelter for street persons in Vancouver
  • Children in Haiti to go to school by providing supplies, uniforms and school fees
  • Small scale farmers in South Africa to develop sustainable farming methods and so increase food production
  • Immediate emergency relief when hurricanes, famines and other natural disasters strike
  • Financial support to provide worship and pastoral care to the deaf
  • Microloans for the marginalized in India to establish small businesses that will lead to economic stability

And so much more.

The United Church collaborates with local partners to quickly assess the need, respond promptly, to ensure our gifts are used as designated, and to provide ongoing support to prevent recurring problems. We are there for the long term.  The church’s administrative costs are low.  The cost to raise a dollar is less than 10 cents.Missionman kids mission

Last year, Metropolitan people gave over $57,000 for Mission and Service. Our goal for 2014 is $60,000.  On behalf of those who benefit from our gifts but who cannot say so themselves, thank you.

For more information on Mission and Service and the worldwide programs it supports, please visit the United Church’s website at www.united-church.ca or read the United Church’s annual report atwww.united-church.ca/organization/annualreport


How You May Give to Mission and Service

When you give, you must specifically designate your gift is for Mission and Service:



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