Stewardship Campaign 2014

Believe. Engage. Transform.

These are timely words for Metropolitan United Church as we launch our 2014 Stewardship Campaign. We believe strongly in what we do. We engage with all who come to us as we strive to be faithful in mission and ministry. In turn, what we do transforms lives.

Recently you received your personal stewardship package through which we invite you to renew your financial support of Metropolitan Church for 2015. Next year will be a pivotal one for our congregation. We anticipate the start of our long-awaited redevelopment of the north end of our property. Concurrently, this will entail extensive renovations to our church building. We will also be moving forward on exciting recommendations from our congregational visioning process.

We seek to renew what we do so well: worship, outreach, Christian education and nurture, and a commitment to music. We also seek to grow in our ministry as discerned through our visioning process—in areas of congregational care, spiritual learning, community outreach, and ministry through the arts. Stay tuned for details — and opportunities!

As we continue to draw seekers from greater Toronto and beyond, it is clear that ours is a congregation with a meaningful, long-term future. But to do all that we could do, we need your generous financial support.

May I ask each of you to please do the following?

  • Read the attached material intentionally, carefully, and prayerfully.
  • Think about Metropolitan, what it means to you, and the good that we enable.
  • Renew your financial commitment to Metropolitan for 2015.

The demands on our financial resources are many, but if you would please consider increasing your support for 2015 —as you are able to do so —we would be grateful. Inflation is now at about 2% a year. An increase of that amount would ensure our costs are covered and enable us to move into exciting new areas of ministry.

Stewardship Sunday is November 23. Metropolitan has so much it can offer to the world and so our financial gifts are critical. Thank you sincerely for all you can do.


Vera Taylor

Chair, Metropolitan Official Board

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