The United Church Observer — a magazine written with YOU in mind!

cover-oct2014 100What is it?

The Observer is an independent national magazine serving a mainly United Church readership.   With roots dating back to 1829, it is the oldest continuously published magazine in North America, and second-oldest in the English-speaking world.  Yet it is a thoroughly modern, relevant and interesting publication with award-winning graphics and in-depth articles by some of Canada’s premier magazine writers.  The Observer is always a very “good read”.

What’s in it?

The Observer specializes in stories about faith, justice and ethical living that other publications ignore.  It encourages readers to broaden and deepen their faith by identifying and exploring the spiritual dimensions of issues that affect us all.  But it never preaches.  It urges readers to make up their own minds. 

The Observer is not the official voice of The United Church of Canada. It is published for its readers, not the church hierarchy.  The magazine sets its own editorial policies and program and is overseen by its own board of directors.  Its editorial independence is the envy of denominational magazines everywhere, and is the key to its reputation as the most honoured denominational publication in North America. 

Why should I subscribe?

The Observer:

  • is the tie that binds United Church people together;
  • reports on news and trends in the church in Canada and around the world;
  • helps readers make sense of where their church has been, is today, and where it might go tomorrow;
  • inspires with well written, thought provoking articles and columns from the best theological minds in the church today;
  • has won more than 180 church press awards in Canada and the U.S. in the last six years and frequently wins more U.S. awards for editorial excellence than comparable U.S. publications.  

Check out The Observer’s website for yourself at




How may I subscribe?

For your personal subscription to this outstanding magazine, please call Elena in the church office at 416-363-0331, ext. 29 and join Metropolitan’s Observer group subscription plan at a reduced subscription rate.  You may also purchase your subscription on line through Metropolitan’s e-store link  And if you have subscribed before, please try The Observer again. The magazine has grown, evolved and changed with the times into something different, something new, something better.   

For $20, you too can have this award winning magazine delivered to your home 11 times a year.  It’s a bargain — as well as an essential resource on one’s Christian journey!


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