Wedding1Metropolitan United offers a wonderful setting for weddings and other special events. Our Sanctuary is considered by many to be the most beautiful in Toronto, so impressive that it's been used for many film shoots (you can see it in the Kennedy miniseries, for instance, or in Murdoch Mysteries on CBC).

Our wedding package makes a downtown wedding at Metropolitan very affordable, and nothing can compare to the grandeur of walking down the red carpet as Canada's largest organ plays "Here Comes the Bride."

We provide our Chancel and Heritage rooms to prepare before the ceremony and our church Sanctuary that can seat anywhere from 100 to 800 guests for the ceremony itself. Our organists can offer a wide range of music on either organ or piano (or via CD and MP3, if you wish) during the service. One of our ministers will meet with the wedding couple before the ceremony to discuss the service itself and the sacrament of marriage. The actual ceremony is performed by one of our ministers, and the couple can choose to invite their own minister to assist in the ceremony. The wedding reception can be held in our own dining room or at any of hundreds of restaurants in downtown Toronto.

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Kennedy miniseriesFilm Shoots

Metropolitan United is often used as the ideal church background for films shot in Toronto. Our Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful in the city and its Victorian Gothic design looks fabulous on the big screen.  Our kitchen and dining room is perfect for feeding the crew. Equipment trailers can be accomodated in our parking lot. 

Other Rentals

Both our sanctuary and meeting rooms in the building are available for rent. When we are not using our spaces for our own services and programs, we also welcome bookings for community meetings, rehearsals, as well as film and television productions.

For more information regarding our facilities and rates, please call our Main Office at 416.363.0331.


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