Metropolitan United Church works hard to appreciate people of all ages, from grandparents to newborns. Children are full and welcome participants at the heart of our congregation, bringing ideas and unique talents that can inspire the entire church. For a brochure describing our activities for children, click here: Metropolitan United for Kids.

At Metropolitan we have vibrant and innovative programs for children and young families, including: 

  • Sunday School, or Church School, for children of all ages:
    • Primary class – ages 3-5, teacher: Johnavac Abraham
    • Junior class – ages 6-11, teacher: Karlos Griffith
    • Senior class – ages 12 and up, teacher: Mykk Bashford
    • For more information, click here. To contact our Church School Staff, please click here. 
    • For children and toddlers under 3, there is a room located behind the chancel for the use of parents and children on an 'as needed' basis.



  • Metropolitan Sparklers: A beginning music-education time for children ages 4-6 which meets on Sundays at 10 a.m. All children are welcome.
  • Metropolitan Choristers: The Choristers (ages 7-11) rehearse on Sunday mornings and participate in each Sunday Service. Everyone is welcome with no prior music experience, as part of each morning is devoted to music reading skills.
  • Great Heart Ensemble: Youth ages 12 up meet on Sundays after the service for singing and instrumental music in a variety of styles.
  • Children's Christmas Celebrations: The third Sunday in Advent is marked for the Christmas Pageant, a colorful and delightful mix of theater and music, telling the Christmas Story.
  • Family outdoor pageant service on Christmas Eve, providing an interesting and lively time for children and family to celebrate

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