Sunday School, or "Church School" at Met is a time-honoured tradition that has witnessed a brilliant metamorphosis as we crossed the threshold of the 21st century.

We offer Church School from September until June, and we welcome children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. This program is available for all members, adherents and visitors to the church.

Children are invited to attend the first part of our 11:00 a.m. service with their parents. About 15 minutes into the service, the entire congregation shares in a special children's time called "Encountering the Child Within," which includes a carefully crafted tale or lesson related to a scripture reading from that morning. Then, the children leave for Church School in the newly renovated Metropolitan Centre.

Our goal with Church School is to create a range of learning experiences that allow children to engage in faith through all their senses. On any given Sunday, this might include story-telling in the Heritage Room, tackling cyber-challenges of our Computer Room, or experiencing the rainbow pallette of our Art Room. Children also might taste the culinary wonders of our resident -chef-meets-Church School-teacher (who is part of the team at the Rose Water Supper Club) or be dazzled by the magical brilliance of our resident magician.

The Church School is coordinated by Director Karlos Griffith and teachers, Johnovac Abraham and Mykk Bashford.


Karlos Griffith --Our Resident Magician

Karlos Griffith was born in Bridgetown Barbados. Along with his Parents Muriel & Karl Griffith. They attended James St. Methodist Church for many years. His parents were Sunday School teachers.Karlos was Baptist at that Church, and at 18 months his mother became his first Sunday School teacher. Until they left for Canada in 1969. Karlos and his Mother arrived in Canada Saturday November 22nd. On Sunday November 23rd, they were standing on the steps of Metropolitan united.They became members soon after that.Karlos’ Mother was his first Sunday School teacher as at Met; she was also the head of the primary dept for many years. Karlos had many other teachers over the next few years. The most notable was Mr. John Allen brother of Mrs. Jean Stinson. Karlos was also chosen by one of our former Ministers Rev. James Norquay to attend a Christian Retreat at Five Oaks in Paris, Ontario. It was a wonderful experience for him to meet other young people from other United Churches from all over Ontario; with whom he stayed in touched with for many years.After Karlos’ Sunday school years; he would sit in the balcony during Church services.At that time Mr. Frank Lehman was on the Church Board; with varied duties and responabibty connected to Met.The sound system was one of them. Mr. Lehman took Karlos under his wing and taught him to run the sound system; which he ran for over four years.In the early 80’s Metropolitan ran a program called ‘Food for Families’; their purpose was to assist people in need.Karlos wanted to do something the help; at this time he was member of a youth group at North Minster United Church in Willowdale. After talking to his parents and with help from the youth members at North Minister.They put on two very successful verity shows one in the fall 1983 the other in the spring of 1985.Karlos got married in 1990, and became a father in 1998. In the fall of 2003 he was asked to help out as a teacher in the Sunday school, and in 2005 he took over as the Director of the Sunday School after Debbie Cornwall stepped down from the position after very successful term as the Director of the Sunday School.Throughout Karlos’ childhood and adult life at Metropolitan the members have been and still are a positive influence in his Spiritual journey: Mr. & Mrs. Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Stinson, Mr. & Mrs. Frazer, The Shard family , Muriel Carin, Mr. & Mrs. Leman, The St. Johns family, Rev. James Norquay, Rev. Nobel Hatton, Rev. Ann Howes and Dr Bruce McLeod…… To name but a few.The Journey continues…….

Johnovac Abraham- Our resident special education teacher

Johnavac was born in Sri Lanka. Her favourite flavour of ice cream is Vanilla.

Johnavac has two sons. She is an Educator at our Lady of Lordes school in a special education class. She also works at the city of Toronto Child Care Centre. She graduated from George Brown College with her degree in Early Childhood Education.

Johnavac likes the church as the place shf.e calls God’s house and is the place to listen for the presence of God in the community that gather’s each Sunday

    Michael Bashford- Our resident chef

Michael works as consultant for Beretta Farms. His work focuses on the promotion of Organic meat. Michael is married to Paul Bashford whom he met while working at a the Court House fine dining restaurant. Culinary preparation is the centre of their relationship. Michael has attended church his whole life and key component in his walk with God. His grandmother and mother were role models for the church through their active volunteering and participation. A few years ago Michael returned to church with a sense of call to become more involved in the work and life at Metropolitan. He studied the bible and found as his mentors, monks, pastors and priests. Michael spent much of his free time learning more about God in the world while attending bible study and Church services. John Joseph approached Michael and inquired if he would like to assist in the growth of our youth. For the past few years Michael has been a Church School educator and assisted to strengthen the sacred community. Michael brings his culinary skills to the realm of Church school where he lives the motto “give us this day our daily bread”.


We will be using the new Lectionary Based Curriculum resource FEASTING ON THE WORD. This year in the Church


Here's a look at the kind of special events we arrange for children:

September - Rally Sunday;
October - Thanksgiving Sunday;
November -Church School Leads the Service;
December - Christmas lunch, Church School drama, and Christmas Pageant;
February - Pancake Mardis Brunch and Pignatta, Valentines for people who are shut-in;
March - Ice Cream Sunday;
April- Easter Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt;
May - Mothering Sunday;

June- Church Picnic and Blessing of the Animals

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