Congregational Life programming is about fostering a congregational culture that sustains engagement, participation, and relationship in the life of the church. It is about nurturing and supporting the Met Family.

Congregational life is organized by a variety of sub-committees and groups including: the Hospitality Sub-committee, the Met Care Team, the Affirming Life Group, Membership Sub-Committee, Adult Children of Ageing Parents, the Social Events group, Spiritual Formation and Growth Groups, and Bible Study groups.

These groups facilitate a wide range of activities including:

  • maintaining our membership records,
  • visiting shut-ins when it is appropriate, sending cards and flowers at Easter and Christmas,
  • staying in touch with members during times of illness and bereavement.
  • making hospital visits when requested
  • celebrating special events in people's lives and in the life of the church.

Special events throughout the year include:

  • A spring and fall retreat
  • After Service Coffee Hours
  • Prayer Covenanting
  • Pancake Mardi Gras Brunch,
  • Annual Meeting
  • Easter Brunch,
  • June BBQ,
  • the Kirkin of the Tartan,
  • Christmas Lunch
  • Movie Nights were held
  • A Church Picnic
  • Bryce Family Sunday
  • Special Speakers throughout the year
  • Saturday breakfasts
  • The Gay Pride Parade (with a church float)
  • Many more events!

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