Restoring the Metropolitan Organ

Metropolitan’s Casavant Organ is not only the largest pipe organ in Canada, it’s an instrument used every day at the church, by visiting organists and by students from the University of Toronto. But time and use have taken their toll: our 75+ year-old-organ is wearing out.

The problem is complex, as you can see on the accompanying video. Underneath each organ pipe is a leather pouch and valve that brings wind to the played pipe. Because of daily use, natural aging, air pollution and our climate, the leather pouches are breaking down. If air cannot reach a pipe, then the note goes silent—and dead notes stop live music.

Eventually, 7900 pouches from the original, 1930 organ must be replaced. This is an expensive project, expected to cost over $200,000. Almost half the money has already been raised, but more money is urgently needed to finish the work.

To make a donation right away, please click on the “Donate Now” box and choose “Organ Fund” from the drop-down choice menu. Or send a cheque to the church (56 Queen Street East, Toronto M5C 2Z3) payable to the Metropolitan Organ Fund. All donors received a tax receipt. Donors of $500 or more will receive a complimentary set of Metropolitan CDs. Donors of $1000 or more will receive a set of CDs plus complementary tickets to 4 Metropolitan concerts of your choice.

Click here for more detail and a more substantial video tour of the Met organ.

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