Music sounds in many ways at Metropolitan, and a place of prominence belongs to the organ. This instrument, the largest in Canada, has a tonal palette which places it among the finest recital instruments in the country.

On a clear and desperately cold night on January 30, 1928, eerie sounds were heard from the organ in Metropolitan United Church, as a massive fire reduced much of the church to ashes. By 8:30 that morning, the church resembled an "ice-bound skeleton." The organ was completely destroyed, its pipes twisted into grotesque shapes.

orchestral1.thumbnailDespite the onset of the Great Depression, the redesigned sanctuary was dedicated on December 15th, 1929 -- without an organ. It wasn't until Easter day, April 20, 1930, two years after the fire, that a new five manual, 121-rank, 7,840 pipe Casavant organ with 500 miles of wire, the largest organ in Canada, was first heard. In November of 1998, a gallery division of 7 stops was installed as a gift from the Newcourt Credit Group in honour of long-time Metropolitan member Ronald McKinlay.

The instruments many voices, colors and moods are matched by its technical complexity and by the richness of its role in civilization and Christian practice.

The organ specifications are attached in a PDF.Specification of the Metropolitan Organ

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