Community Outreach

Deer Park Stained GlassMetropolitan United serves our neighbours and community by offering a variety of outreach services and programs. This part of our site gives an overview of who we help and how we help.

Metropolitan has been involved in social service for the downtown community since 1917, long before government supports existed. Today, many programs function under Metropolitan's outreach umbrella. Some are specifically run by church staff and volunteers, while others use church facilities or receive other support.

We use volunteers extensively in all of our Community Services programs. Up to one hundred people each week contribute their time, energy and good will to make everything happen. Volunteers come from our congregation, from other congregations and from the wider community. Some of our volunteers started out with us as clients and then began to volunteer with us as a way of "giving back." Others simply made a phone call to ask how they could help and have found that service to others "pays forward" in many ways.

In 2005, we developed a strategy to partner with other churches and organization in downtown Toronto. Our programs could not happen without the extensive contributions of so many people, as well as the donations of many individuals and agencies. These contributions exceed $150,000 annually. We also receive grants from a number of sources, including the City of Toronto and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Our new vision statement looks to increase our partnerships to further help our clients in downtown Toronto.

Want to see what we do? Most of our activities take place in the 11,000 square foot Met Centre just beneath the church. Please enter using the Bond Street doors off the parking lot.

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