Community Services

Met Centre Services

The Met Centre is located in the basement and is dedicated to the empowerment service model for the vulnerable community members of our downtown community. The Met Centre staff are committed to engaging and including our community members in establishing services and programs that support vulnerbale people to self-sufficiency. The Met Centre has a large space for workshops and and services that  include our:

Housing Support (by Appointment) 

Goods Management 

Out of the Cold Lunch Program (Nov-Mar) 

Art Therapy (by regirstration)

Fine Arts Drop-In program (Mon & Fri from 10am-12pm)

We also have a partnership service onsite with the Share Care team from CAMH that provides case management services for those struggeling with addiction and mental health. 


Needs Assessment

In 2016, the Met Centre staff conducted a needs assessment of the services in downtown Toronto and engaged with over 80 community members to highlight the barriars that prevent vulnerable community members to being completely self-sufficient. The complete report is on the website



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