Narthex Greeters

The Narthex Greeters group is small, but in 2006 they met 6,656 visitors who came through Met;s front doors. Knowledgeable about the building's history as well as the story of the congregation, Narthex members welcome visitors to the building from Monday to Friday, noon to 3 p.m. The people who come to see Metropolitan United, in groups both large and small, may be local or from anywhere in the world. They come in to learn more about the building, pray, light a candle, or perhaps just sit for a while.

Peace and Social Justice Group

To explore Social Justice issues and communicate them to the congregation. Promote Social Justice advocacy as a way of living out our faith.

 During 2016 we will centre our work on the Truth and Reconciliation report and endeavour to help the congregation in their response to the Calls to Action

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