Who We Help

Metropolitan's outreach services have a tremendous impact on our community.

Through the Community Services Program, we welcome all who come to us. We welcome people lacking the most basic human needs: food, clothing, a place of respite from the elements, the need to be heard.

The first step in helping people is meeting the people who need help. At Metropolitan United, we have been meeting people through programs that offer assistance while beginning positive connections with caring volunteers. We have had remarkable success in getting to know people. And as people get to know each other, trust builds among them. Some of the people in need begin to feel comfortable speaking to volunteers and facilitators about challenges in their lives. Some may want a home. Some need comfort. Some need help with specific problems in their lives.

More and more of our visitors would like to move forward in their lives. Moving forward for many requires assistance from facilitators and support workers. In 2005, we developed a strategy to partner with other churches in our outreach to the community. Many of our volunteers already come from other churches.

We continue to use volunteers extensively in all of our Community Services programs. Up to 100 people each week contribute their time, energy and good will to make everything happen. Volunteers come from our congregation, from other congregations and from the wider community. Some of our volunteers started out with us as clients and then began to volunteer with us as a way of  “giving back".

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