April 22 is Earth Day. Find out more at https://www.earthday.org/ Now is a great time to consider your commitment to a greener future for the planet. For example, you can take action to reduce your carbon footprint, and welcome pollinators into your balconies and yards with native plants and trees. See the  Green Team blog for details including City of Toronto initiatives for free trees and a contest for a kit of native plants. The Green Team will have wildflower seeds available at worship this Sunday, April 24!

Reducing your carbon footprint through lifestyle changes is a great start.

Download Kairos Canada’s  “Reducing Your Carbon Footprint”  to learn more.

For example, the  three most impactful things you can do are: eat a plant-based diet, live car free, and avoid air travel.  Every little bit helps, so even if you only do one of the following, you will be on the right side of history.  

  • Conserve water 
  • Minimize waste  
  • Compost 
  • Plant a tree  
  • Purchase carbon offsets 
  • Avoid unnecessary travel  
  • Buy organic food  

And speaking of planting a tree, creating habitat is an excellent way to support our native pollinators. Met United is introducing more pollinator-friendly plants to our grounds and you can do the same. The  City of Toronto has two initiatives to help residents access trees and native plants for their gardens.  

1. Sign up for a free tree through the Community Canopy program and the Arbor Day Foundation. Here's the City of Toronto link.
https://www.toronto.ca/business economy/partnerships-sponsorships-donations/partner-2/parks-environment/urban-forestry grants-and-incentives/ 

2. Enter a contest to win a kit of native plants for your balcony or yard. Just fill in your application form at the link below before April 30, 2022, and while you are there look at all their great information on pollinators.