Convener: Jay Wagner


To promote fellowship through the Sunday coffee hour and special celebrations during the year.

2017 Review

Coffee Hour

Scheduled Volunteers: Caterina Chiovitti, Terry Kelly, Emmanuel Nwaotale, Jay Wagner (Supervisor), Jim Wiley. 

Many thanks to Jane Tuomi for speaking with Richie Brazil, Starbuck’s manager at Church and Shuter, and arranging for the donation of the coffee for coffee hour. In speaking with Richie, I estimated that Hospitality will use a five-pound bag each month and a five-pound bag of de-caffeinated every three months.

During the first half of the year, Hospitality teams up with the various church committees to host the coffee hour. Hospitality serves the coffee, and the various committees provide and serve the cookies.There have also been numerous smaller events that we have provided coffee service for — and many celebration cakes.