The Met Care Team keeps in touch with the congregation in a variety of ways. Cards, notes, or telephone calls help celebrate birthdays, mark special occasions, and express sympathy during bereavement. The delivery of tulips at Easter and poinsettias at Christmas to our members no longer able to attend church puts a smile on the faces of these members. Pastoral visits are made by our ministers and the Prayer Covenant Group privately prays for those in need of special prayer.

The Team also provides practical assistance. Recently, someone asked for a drive home after a visit to the eye doctor. She could get there easily, but could not drive home with her pupils dilated from the drops. Another person brought some food to someone who was briefly housebound after an accident.
All these things are part of our living together as a community — sharing in joys and in woes.

For more information on how we can help or how you can get involved, please contact [INSERT CONTACT INFORMATION].