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Three huts, radiant faces, luminous clothes, whirlwinds and chariots are all part of Sunday's readings on this day we call Transfiguration Sunday. As laid down by Mark, we are told the stories this week of prophetic leadership succession, from Moses to Elijah to Jesus, based on their intimate connection/encounter with the one we all God. How do these frankly far out stories feed our faith today? The sermon from The Rev. Karen Bowles is entitled "Succession Duty."

  • Carillon Prelude: Gavotte and Double (De Fesh arr. Buchanan/Weinstein)
  • Prelude: Various (Togni; J.S. Bach)
  • Readings: 2 Kings 2:1-12; Exodus 34: 29-35; Mark 9:2-9
  • Anthem: 'Tis Winter Now (Halley)
  • Solo: Gonna Build A Mountain (Bricusse/Newley)
  • Postlude: Alleluias” From Five Liturgical Inventions for Organ (Togni)

The cornerstone of our week, Worship at 11am is offered under the leadership of The Rev. Karen Bowles, The Rev. Jason Francis Meyers, Dr. Patricia Wright, Lead Singers and members of the Metropolitan Choir, and featured instrumentalists.

Please note that worship is currently online only, livestreamed from the sanctuary. The prelude begins at approximately 10:45am.

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This service is livestreamed to Facebook ( and YouTube (subscribe to our channel). You can also find the service here, or on the homepage. Past services are found on the Sermons & Livestreams page.

Photo: Transfiguration, by Jesus Mafa