Music is an integral part of the liturgy at Metropolitan United Church and is considered a ministry of its own. The power of music can speak to people in a way that words alone cannot.

All the hymns we sing during our Sunday service can be found in either the book called "Voices United" or "More Voices" located at each pew. We stand up to sing almost all hymns, unless noted in the Order of Service. You are welcome to join in or not, as you like.

Our congregational song is accompanied primarily by the organ, but piano, drums, and other instruments are used as well. Several times a year, we are joined by the Metropolitan Silver Band at our Sunday morning service.

An instrumental "prelude” precedes the service. Typically an organ piece, this music is chosen to reflect the season and theme of the service. All the music in our Sunday service — hymns, choir anthems, instrumental pieces, and the concluding "postlude" — are deliberately chosen to support the readings and themes of a particular service.