October 3, 2019

Greetings all,

Six months into our time together and three months since my last letter, it is time to write once again. In my first letter, I spoke of the Mission statement of MET and taking stock of that statement in light of the rightly ever present question: What is God calling us to do in this place, as this community? I spoke of consultation with the congregation, the staff, the Board and the surrounding community.

Every Mission Statement is a living document of stewardship and discipleship, that invites review and constant evaluation both from the point of view of its content and of its application. In this ‘interim time’ and given the recent and excellent process that resulted in the present iteration of MET’s Mission Statement, we will be looking more at application and less at content.

To this end we are setting up a series of Pillar Talks (Sundays after worship) for the new year. Each will concentrate on one of the four pillars of the church beginning with a report by, and some direction from, the Board, and ending with a report on the findings of the Pillar Talks and the formulation of ministerial positions needed for the time ahead.

January 12 Reporting on Board Retreat held November 16
January 26 Outreach Pillar Talk
February 9 Congregational Care Pillar Talk
February 23 Integrated Arts Pillar Talk
March 8 Spiritual Learning for Life Pillar Talk
May 3 Report on Pillar Talks

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact me or the Transition Team at transition@metunited.ca.

So on we go together in the company and presence of God.

The Rev. Karen J. Bowles, B.A, J.D., M.Div.