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Second Sunday after Epiphany  

For the 11:00 a.m. service on Sunday, The Rev. Dr. G. Malcolm Sinclair is calling his sermon “Tipsy Laird.” “Jesus’ first miracle in John’s Gospel is ‘Water into Wine.’ This story sets the intoxicating tone for worship at its best. It must be more than mere sustenance and tasteless predictability. It must be something that makes you keep your fork in your hand and your eyes on the kitchen door.”  

For this Sunday, the Metropolitan Silver Band will play Elvis Presley’s An American Trilogy arr. Goff Richards and “Suite” from Hymn of the Highlands by Philip Sparke: 1. Ardross Castle 2. Alladale with Michele McCall on Flugelhorn, Rita Arendz on Tenor Horn, and Cameron McCracken on Baritone 3. Dundonnell. At the postlude, the Band will play Old Time Religion arr. Piet Hamers. The Metropolitan Choir will sing Christ the Appletree by Stanford Scriven and 'Tis Winter Now by Paul Halley. At the Offertory, Great Heart will play Coins in a Fountain by Michael David Rosenberg. The Hymns are No.264 (Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise), No.352 (I Danced in the Morning), and an adaptation by Dr. Malcolm Sinclair of No.437 (The Day You Gave Us). The final piece in the carillon prelude played by Roy Lee will be The Day You Gave Us, settings by Beverly Buchanan and Roy Lee.  

The Bible readings are Isaiah 62:1-5 (the vindication and salvation of Zion), 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 (spiritual gifts), and John 2:1-11 (the wedding at Cana).  

An invitation. Please join the congregation Sunday immediately following the service to honour Malcolm’s retirement. We will have a light lunch, followed by the celebration and then dessert. As Malcolm will leave the sanctuary immediately after the service the following week on the January 27th, our celebration on the 20th will be your opportunity to chat with him and wish him well. To honour Malcolm, the Metropolitan Silver Band will play an extended prelude this Sunday beginning at 10:35 a.m. with special music chosen in his honour (see above).