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A personal note to the family that is Metropolitan.

As you will no doubt soon realize, my time with you will be coming to an end. Late in 2009 I applied to become your property supervisor and the group of Dr Steve Hanson, Tex Perley and Fred Breeze decided to go forward with me.

It was offered as a job but I have never seen it as such. I feel that when you accept a position of this nature you are being handed a sacred trust that you do not drop. It is such a privilege to serve in one of Toronto’s iconic cathedral churches and to serve its congregation. The majestic bricks and mortar are undeniable but the real strength lies with the congregation and you are a good one.

The Property Committee took on many significant projects to enhance our space of worship and I look and reflect upon these every Sunday. We created the Founders’ Chapel, the automation of the high chandeliers, the new floor, the lighting of the tower, restoration of stained glass windows, the building automation system, the new stone stairs at every entrance, the cleaning of the building, the lighting of the front of the church and in the park. I wasn’t sure if I would be here to see the North End Renovations through as its start was always in question. However, it did start and is now at its completion. The planning began in late 2013 and I am pleased to see it finish here in 2020.

These enhancements to our space of worship have been driven by many people who have a passion for this space but I think I can say that my hand was on the wheel. It wasn’t always a steady hand but I think we got there.

The opportunity to have served and supported Dr Malcolm Sinclair, Dr John Joseph Mastandrea and Dr Patricia Wright was rare. I did my best for them and consider them cherished colleges and friends. Metropolitan is poised to move forward with new staff and new volunteer leadership on many fronts in a revitalized space. I would be remiss if I did not thank our Care Staff for all their fine work over these many years.

This job has been about fostering relationships, making decisions and being the best steward of the resources for the benefit of the congregation. You make decisions like taking Heritage Toronto to task when they present unrealistic hurdles to stop you from going forward. You make decisions to be compassionate to the disenfranchised who may sometimes disrupt a service. You respect the staff. You listen to the concerns of congregants. At the end of the day you hope your correct decisions far outweigh those you wish you could have made over again.

I am happy to have been a part of giving this grand building on Queen Street a rightful new look inside and out as it forges into its third century.  

-  Frank