Now You See Me. Now You Do." It is hard to cheer for a hero who left the playing field two thousand years ago. Fan clubs, bubble gum cards and sweat shirts are poor substitutes for the real thing. But what if we got it wrong, and gave up our seats and our hopes while the magic was still unfolding? This Sunday at 11am, we welcome Minister Emeritus The Rev. Dr. G. Malcolm Sinclair as our guest preacher.

  • Prelude: Suite from Royal Fireworks (G.F. Handel); Prelude on "Down Ampney" (Ley)
  • Readings: Isaiah 43:2-3, 18-19; Psalm 23; John 14:8-20
  • Solo: Thou Shalt Know Him (Sirett)
  • Metropolitan Handbells: Brother James’ Aire (arr. Wissinger)
  • Postlude: Festival Fanfare for Organ (Wolff)

Photo: 'All Saints' by Elizabeth Wang