‘Take up our quarrel with the foe,’ goes the familiar line by Dr. McCrae. Who might that ‘foe’ be? Do we ‘break faith with those who died’ today? In such times as these, it is good to remember yet again, and to examine our ‘piece’ in the piece. This Sunday at 11am, The Rev. Karen Bowles speaks of "Piece Work."

  • Prelude: Various (Langlais; Elgar; Strauss)
  • Scripture Readings: Isaiah 2:1-5Matthew 25:1-13
  • Readings: This was my Brother (Gould); excerpt from The Stone Carvers (Urquhart)   
  • Solo: Anytime (I am There) from Elegies: A Song Cycle (Finn)
  • Postlude: Highland Cathedral (arr. Wetherald)

We feature additional readings for the occasion, and welcome guest musicians piper Rory Sinclair, piper to the Earl of Caithness, and trumpeter Michele McCall.