'The heavens tell the glory of God' in Psalm 19, God speaks 'all the words' of the Ten Commandments in Exodus, and a woman is accused of breaking one of these ten in John. When read with the other two, Jesus' reaction in the tension and grace-filled story of the latter is first puzzling, then intriguing, and finally inviting. 

This Sunday we will mark, in song and in prayer, a year of Covid-19, with a shared lament and bell ringing for the thousands who have died in our city, province and country.  

  • Prelude: Various (J.S. Bach; Bennett; Howells)
  • Readings: Psalm 19; Exodus 20:1-5, 7-17; John 8:1-11
  • Sermon: "Written in the Dirt" (The Rev. Karen Bowles)
  • Solo: I Will Sing You Home (Ennis/Murphy)
  • Postlude: Toccata in D Minor (J.S. Bach)