Sermon Notes

Jesus tells his followers "Whoever welcomes a child, welcomes me.” In this week’s sermon, Rev. Meyers examines just how radical of a statement that is, and explores how Jesus’s call includes both “welcoming the child” and "emulating the child."

  • Prelude: Various (J.S. Bach; Duruflé; Willan)
  • Readings: Psalm 1; James 3:13—4:3, 7–8a; Mark 9:30–37
  • Sermon: “Child's Play" (The Rev. Jason Meyers)
  • Anthems:
    • Exultate justi (Viadana)                           
    • Words of Chief Seattle (Stephen) 
  • Handbell Offertory: For the Beauty of the Earth (arr. Ingram)
  • Postlude: Finale Jubilante (Ingram)

Photo: Harvesting potatoes in Saskatchewan with Grandpa (Rev. Meyers)