In the Gospel of John, the religious authorities ask Jesus to speak plainly about who he is. In his sermon this week entitled “The Mother and I are one”, Rev. Meyers explores how the values by which Jesus was formed shaped not only his earthly ministry, but also the post-Easter church that would continue on in his name.

  • Prelude: Various (Bales; Bridge, Archer; Vetter)
  • Readings: Acts 9:36-43; Psalm 23; John 10:22-30
  • Anthems:
    •  Little Innocent Lamb (Bartholemew) 
    • Rise Up, My Love (Daley)
  • Offertory: Rosa das Rosas (attr. el Sabio)
  • Sermon: “The Mother and I are one”
  • Postlude: Finale from Petite Suite (Bales)