The gospels are full of challenging texts… and then there is Luke 12:49-56. This week, a stressed-out Jesus calls the crowd a bunch of hypocrites and tells them he has not come to bring peace, but “fire to the earth.” In Rev. Meyers’ sermon, “Who Said Anything About Safe?” we sit with our discomfort with this message and consider the choices Jesus demands his followers make in pursuit of the good, the just and the beautiful.  

  • Prelude: Various (J.S. Bach; Howells)
  • Readings: Isaiah 5:1-7; Luke 12:49–56
  • Sermon: "Who Said Anything About Safe?” (Rev. Meyers)
  • Solo: “Is Someone Out There?” from In the Beginning (Yeston) 
  • Postlude: from Suite du Premier Ton (Clérambault)