Called to bear the weight and fruit of promise, Mary sings ancient trust—the song of generations— that the hungry will be filled, the humble will be lifted high and the proud brought low. She sings that love and truth will meet, that peace and justice will flow.

  • Prelude: Excerpts from 15 Pieces Founded on Antiphons, op. 18 (Dupré)
  • Readings: Isaiah 7:10-16; Matthew 1:18-25
  • Anthems: 
    •  Ave Maria (Dett)    
    • Magnificat in C, op. 115 (Stanford)
  • Sermon: “Are You Ready?” (Rev. Mark Aitchison)
  • Offertory Solo: Rejoice greatly, from Messiah (Handel)
  • Postlude: Carillon de Westminster, op. 53 no. 6 (Vierne)

This week we celebrate Rev. Mark Aitchison and his time in ministry among us as our Supply Minister.