Get your palm fronds ready to fly, because this week is our Palm Sunday service, where we triumphantly parade with Jesus into Jerusalem. But as Rev. Meyers’ sermon "Counter-triumphal Triumphalism” invites us to consider, perhaps this parade should be seen as very different from other parades we are familiar with. 
  • Prelude: Various (Gibbons)
  • Introit: Hosanna to the Son of David (Gibbons)
  • Readings: Psalm 118:1–2, 19–29; Matthew 21:1-11 (for a dramatic interpretation of this week's gospel from Rev. Meyers's children, watch this video)
  • Anthem: Ride Through Jerusalem (Bedford)
  • Sermon: “Counter-triumphal Triumphalism” (Rev. Jason Meyers)
  • Offertory: The Palms (Jean-Baptiste Faure)
  • Postlude: Passion, op. 145 no. 4 (Reger)