Have you had a menagerie of pets over the years? A favourite cat, dog, rat or newt? Humans do not live alone on Planet Earth. We thrive in compassionate connection with our pets and by extension the natural world. 

This Sunday, bring a memory (e.g. a photo, a collar or a toy) of a cherished deceased pet, as there will be a special prayer. And/or bring along your current pet of any size, variety or type (we are an inclusive place!) - all pets will be individually blessed. 

  • Silver Band Prelude: Various
  • Readings: Genesis 1:20-26; Psalm 104; Matthew 6:25-29
  • Blessing of the Animals: 
    • Be Still for the Presence of the Lord (Evans arr. Blyth)
    • Come Beautiful Christ (Phillips)
    • As the Deer (Nystrom arr. Wright)
  • Sermon: "Hope for Planet Earth"
  • Offertory: Suo Gan (Traditional arr. Sparke)
  • Carillon Postlude: Preludio no. 5 (Gheyn)