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This summer, we will explore some of Jesus’ most well-known teachings found in the Gospel of Luke, and how they can inform our individual and collective spiritual journeys.  Each Sunday we will focus on a specific practice. Check back weekly for an extended podcast, and/or in case you missed the previous week (after all, it's summer). You can also subscribe through iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play


June 30: Purpose

Luke 9:51-62 - Jesus sets out for Jerusalem.

July 7: Simplicity

Luke 10:1–11, 16–20 - The mission of the 70 who carried nothing.

July 14: Being Neighbour

Luke 10:25–37 - The parable of the Good Samaritan.

July 21: Attention

Luke 10:38–42 - Jesus visits Mary and Martha.

July 28: Prayer

Luke 11:1–13 - Jesus teaches the disciples to pray.

August 4: Money

Luke 12:13–21 - The rich fool who builds bigger and bigger barns.

August 11: Patience

Luke 12:32–40 - Do not worry about what to eat or what to wear.

August 18: Reading Scripture (even the bits we’d rather skip)

Luke 12:49–56 - Jesus comes to bring fire and division within households.

August 25: Discernment

Luke 13:10–17 - Jesus heals the bent-over woman on the Sabbath.

September 1: Humility

Luke 14:1, 7–14 - Those who exalt themselves will be humbled.